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A building tells a story of its creators.

It paints an impression of place.

It marks time and  animates its occupants.

It reflects the individuality of its users.

It is a metaphor deriving meaning from its purpose.

It's a language spoken in light, material, and form.



A measure of emotion and comfort.

What feelings does it invoke? 

How does it fit and resonate in the environment?



A measure of response.

Is it informed? Does it inform?

What does it teach us about our environment?

How does it respond?​



A measure of responsibility.
How does it impact the site, the community and the planet?

What does it consume and what does it produce?

Parks KItchenWall.png


A measure of timelessness.
How well can it be configured as the needs of the occupants change? How do its materials weather the test of time?


A measure of value.
How well does it serve its purpose?

How resourcefully does it employ materials, and minimize waste?


In our design approach, we relentlessly ask questions and seek answers to reveal design solutions through iteration and analysis. We measure attributes and evaluate options. The core attributes we seek in pursuit of design excellence are adaptability, efficiency, beauty, technology and sustainability.

Regulatory, financial and physical constraints typically require trade-offs to align priorities with resources.  By comparing attributes against constraints the decision making process is more informed, more efficient and more effective. Innovation is encouraged and solutions are revealed.

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