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No matter where you are in the process of your next project, we'd love to hear from you. Below are a few ways we can help you gain insight and inspiration. 

Download your free project planning guide

Ask an Architect - 15min.

Ask an architect anything. Free!

We get all sorts of questions, like:

How can I make my home rentable?
How can I get the best price for resale?

I need more space, where do I start?

Hint: for best answers, please write your question and provide any context when you schedule your call.

Site Visit - 1hr 500$

During a Site Visit, we look for opportunities and challenges. We identify site features and find the low hanging fruit and  ways to get the biggest bang for the buck. This service includes Project Assessment report and travel1 

1. travel over 25 miles may incur additional fees.

Show and Tell - 30 min. 100$

With a live 1-1 zoom conference. We will share  ideas, resources and inspiration. We will look at web based tools for collecting, filtering, and generating ideas and researching regulatory and property information.

Feasibility Study - 750$

A feasibility study includes sketches, budgets and references to make informed decisions of how best to accomplish your project goals. We include a couple of options for comparison. Service includes a Site Visit and a Project Assessment.

Project Assessment - 200$

Project Assessments are a great way to establish expectations on scope, budget and duration. We look at what is needed, what is required, what is desired. Project priorities are clarified and goals are defined.

Project Proposal - Cost Varies

With an understanding of scope, budget, site and the range of possibility, we can prepare a proposal for architectural and engineering services and get started right away making your dreams become reality.  Proposals require a Project Assessment and a Site Visit and fees are credited upon acceptance. Pricing varies by complexity.

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