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Residential Remodel+Addition

This gut remodel and addition of a mid-century ranch style home on a hillside in Northern California was a challenging yet rewarding architectural project. Working closely with the homeowners to create a modern and functional space warmed by daylight and inspired by sweeping views.  The end result was a stunning blend of mid-century style and contemporary design, perfectly suited to the beautiful Northern California landscape.


Residential Remodel + Addition

This award winning California modern hillside ranch home was gut remodel and addition and a nod to the modern craftsmen's attention to detail on every level of the project.  The clean lines and open spaces create a sense of calm and tranquility, while the warm wood accents and natural materials bring a touch of nature indoors. With its expansive views from every level, this home is a perfect retreat for those seeking the luxury of contemporary urban lifestyle. 


Residential ADU

This  modern garden cottage is an ADU conversion from a 1950's garage.  By maintaining the original garage openings and open floor plan it's easily converted from a guest cottage, to office studio, or garage.  Click and slide the photo to check out the transformation.


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